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Maintenance Services

Maintenance Tips

The importance of vehicle maintenance

No matter how often you use your vehicle or what type you drive, one thing will never change: regular maintenance is extremely important. There is nothing more frustrating than a broken down car. From a dead battery to a flat tire, you know how much stress this will bring to your life. There is no way to avoid trouble with 100 percent certainty, however, regular maintenance can improve the chance of your vehicle staying in good condition for a longer period of time.
  • Inspect lights and check tire pressure
  • Oil & filter change and chassis lubrication
  • Under-hood belt and hose inspection
  • Tire rotation and wheel balancing
  • Wheel alignment check
  • Cooling system flush and refill
  • Belt and hose replacement
  • Brake inspection
  • Replace air filter
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Automatic transmission service
  • Engine timing belt replacement
  • Air conditioning performance check

Fluid Service

Why are fluid-exchange services important for my vehicle?

Over time, your vehicle's essential fluids, including transmission, brake, and power-steering fluids, lose their ability to clean, cool, lubricate, and flow freely, potentially leading to problems such as transmission overheating and/or failure.
Extend the life of your vehicle. Our lubrication and fluid services include:
  • Radiator Flush & Fill
  • Transmission Fluid Replacement
  • Power Steering Fluid Replacement
  • Brake System Fluid Replacement
  • Oil Change
  • Fuel System Cleaning

Motor Vehicle Inspections

Keeping you safe

When buying, selling or obtaining insurance for a used vehicle, a vehicle inspection is a valuable investment. In some cases, it’s even a must-have. Stewarts Auto Repair offers inspection services and are compliant with the provincial regulations. In Nova Scotia, safety inspections are required every two years.

AC System Service

Be prepaired for the heat

We always recommend regular maintenance in order to avoid future repairs. One way to keep your A/C in top condition is to have your vehicle serviced with our air conditioning service.
  • Inspect vehicles hose fittings & compressor
  • Perform system leak test
  • Adjust A/C belt
  • Run performance test
  • Add refrigerant (includes up to 1/2 lb. R-134a)

Tire Service

Around and around they go

Wheel Alignment Services
A wheel alignment corrects the angle of the wheels relative to the frame of your car, truck, or van. Our wheel alignment services will help with safety, fuel efficiency, and maximum tire life.
Tire Balancing
Every time you buy a new set of tires, or if you hear or feel your tires shimmy, have your tires professionally balanced. A technician uses special equipment to spin your wheels and detect imbalances, then attaches weights to the wheel rim or spokes to balance the tire.
Tire Change Service
Whether buying new tires, or changing your tires for the season, Stewart's will install and balance your tires for you.
Tire Storage Service
Stewart Auto Repair offers safe and easy storage of your off-season tires. Never again handle a dirty tire or lose valuable space in your home!